My life, The World, Everything

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Starting a blog today on WordPress. Gonna be writing about my writing and my writing process and my hopes and other people writing and my life experiences and my likes and dislikes and stuff.

My Life, The World, Everything

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I have decided to take the blogging route to help me build a platform for my writing and to be more visible. With the help of the wonderful Seumas Gallacher, (author of The Violin Man and Vengeance wears Black, both available on Kindle) I have posted on Kindle my debut novel ‘The Young Oak’ which is the first part of ‘The Oak Trilogy’ and out in paperback on Amazon.com. Writing takes up a great part of my time. I gave up my teaching career to embark upon it seriously. Of course, being serious all the time makes Jill a dull girl, so I break up my writing day with getting out of my house to touch base with reality and other humans. And that makes me think of my ruin in The Languedoc which I am pushing off to in a few days: 4 days, in fact. It is very easy there whilst doing a major soul-recharge, to become completely cut off and lead the life of a hermit. One day I will spend most of my time in our renovated bergerie with a Pyrenean donkey. Yep: want one of those. And as we have come on to the topic of animals and as I must not be Missus Serious: what do you call an animal without a bottom?   A hippobottomless. Have a good day!